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Dear Entrepreneur,

You are probably here for one of the following reasons:

  • You are sick and tired of all the B.S. “get rich quick” crap being peddled on the net

  • You are looking for proven ways to make more online profits

  • You have hit some sort of “glass ceiling” with your current business

If any of the above are true, you better buckle your seatbelt… because you are about to take the ride of your life, and discover the most complete, most comprehensive, easy to follow, online money making system ever devised!

“How To Make $30K In 30 Days” The DVD

On March 26th, history was made. During Yanik Silver’s Underground Online Seminar, A special invitation was extended to 13 top marketing experts to meet for lunch.

None of them knew exactly what this meeting was about… they were told only that they were to meet in the hotel lobby, and from there they would be led to an undisclosed location for a “mastermind brainstorming session” with a group of their piers.

As they entered the hotel room, they were asked to introduce themselves on camera, and directed to take a seat in a semi-circle of chairs. When the mastermind group was seated, they were presented with the following scenario:

“You are starting from scratch…
You have no access to your list, no contacts,
and only 30 days to make $30,000.00… and your very life depends on it! What will you do?”


Then the cameras started rolling, and the genius started oozing out!

The resulting collaboration of ideas, strategies and tactics for quickly generating revenue online, unfolded into a clear-cut, simple to follow master plan…

Introducing: The $30K In 30 Days Marketing Mastery Blueprint

This blueprint is a “success plan” formulated by a mastermind group of top marketing experts. It is the foundation upon which multi-million dollar direct response companies are built.

Until Now, The Blueprint Above Would
Take Most People Months, Or Even YEARS To Create…


…But the $30K mastermind group came up with and “expedited” plan that would allow just about anyone to go out and create this business model in record time! And it’s all laid out for you in the “How To Make $30K In 30 Days, 120 minute, mastermind brainstorming session.

Learn From These 13 Featured Expert Contributors To The First Ever Mastermind Internet Marketing DVD


  • Jonathan Mizel
  • Gary Ambrose
  • Tom Bell
  • Jim Lilig
  • Mike Filsaime
  • Mike Dillard
  • Tim Erway
  • Tellman Kunudson
  • Russell Brunson
  • Jeff Mulligan
  • Anik Singal
  • Kevin Wilke
  • John Alanis

Here are just a few topics and clips covered in these 29 high impact videos mapping out a 30K in 30 Days Blueprint using the very best of their own marketing secrets and strategies

Mastermind Topic #1: Market Research Secrets Exposed!


  • How to quickly find and tap into the most profitable markets on the internet
  • Why you should never fear competition, crowded markets = big money!
  • How to convert your competitors into your JV partners
  • Where you can go to get 100% free market research
  • How to create a market driven business
  • Keyword research tools, tips and strategies
 Mastermind Topic #2: Creating The Ultimate Sales & Marketing System
  • How to create kick-a$$ squeeze pages
  • Creating your marketing strategy and customizing your sales process
  • How to personalize your sales letters
  • Autoresponder follow up secrets
  • How to track advertising
  • Split-testing for maximum profits made easy
Mastermind Topic #3: Profitable Market Testing Without A Product!
  • Building your list and surveying without a product
  • Creating a market driven business with surveys
  • Using surveys to find market “gaps”
  • Split testing your competitors sales process as an affiliate
  • Finding your “control” offer so you know who to beat and how to beat them
 Mastermind Topic #4: Quick And Easy Product Creation!
  • How to know if your product idea is a winner before you start
  • Types of products you can sell and how to create them
  • Outsourcing product creation
  • Front end product ideas and high ticket back end products
  • 4 ways to create and sell products quickly
  • Licensing other peoples products
Mastermind Topic #5: How To Get Other People To Promote For You
  • The affiliate marketing “sweet heart” deal
  • How to get the contact information of the partners you found in the research stage
  • How to reach out
  • The win/win proposal
  • Building the bridge
  • Making the deal
  • Exceeding expectations
  • Leave the door open
Mastermind Topic #6: Revenue modeling to increase profits!
  • What the heck is revenue modeling?
  • Customer values, cost to acquire, cost per sale
  • Your back end, up-sell, cross-sell and partnerships
  • 3 ways to increase your customer value
  • The ultimate revenue model
  • 5 companies who do it right

“Who Is The $30K In 30 Days DVD For?”

It’s for everyone… from the absolute beginner, to the seasoned marketing expert. It’s for anyone and everyone who wants to quickly generate income online, or propel an existing business to the next level.

 Beginners: How to quickly launch your website and begin profiting online in record time

 Advanced: Add additional revenue streams to your business, reach more of your market, expand your business into lateral markets, increase your lead and customer values.

STOP everything you are doing right now! If you are confused about what it really takes to experience success online, all we ask is that you give this system 30 days and let us PROVE to you that it not only works, but it is the absolute fastest way to build a *real* internet business. A business that can quickly generate revenue, but also continue to grow and prosper month after month, year after year.

(At Least) 12 Good Reasons Why This 105 Minute DVD Is Absolutely Essential Viewing For Every Man, Woman and Child Who Wants To Crack The Code of Making Big Money Online In The Fastest, Easiest  and Most Direct Way Possible, Period.


Just take a look at this short list representing content from just the first 30 minutes of this breakthrough DVD. Here you’ll find valuable insights, secrets, strategies and shortcuts you can use immediately. Since this special information can work for a complete beginner in only days, just imagine what it can do for you. Discover…

·         (4:01) An Amazingly Simple Yet Time-Proven Formula That Virtually Guarantees Your Success – Even If You’ve Never Done Anything Like This Ever Before! (But what blows the minds of almost everyone who discovers this strategy and puts it to work is that you can create $30K or more in 30 days on a shoestring budget of practically nothing!)

·         (5:30) The One Basic Secret To Unprecedented Success Just 30 Days From Now! (Without this key ingredient – no formula, system, or method will ever work! This one simple step is the turning point that can take your life to a whole new level – no matter where you are today!)

·         (6:50) The Perfect Way To Profit From The Effort, Experience and Positioning of Other People In A Way That Creates New and Exciting Income Streams For Both You and Them! (Here’s how to instantly create a win-win situation that others will find difficult – if not impossible – to resist!)

·         (8:30) Quick and Dirty Info Product Research in Minutes – The Easy Way! (Discover hundreds of golden opportunities you can ethically exploit with just a few clicks! It’s like having an inside pass where you can discover hundreds of the best money making markets!)

·         (9:50) How To Use A Hidden Asset You Already Possess and Turn It Into A Profit Funnel That Stuffs Your Bank Account With Cash For Years! (Hint: Most people look for greener pastures elsewhere – instead of taking advantage of the golden goose right in front of them!)

·          (11:10) Favourite ‘Stealth’ Techniques For Rapid Product Creation That Work Like Magic! (Not only do these tactics give you a fast path to a brand new asset – you’ll be creating high-value products that will net you more cash with every single sale!)

·         (12:00) How To Generate $87,000 in Cash In Just 6 Days – Without So Much As A Single Product On Day One! (This simple 4-step method is something you can repeat over and over again – as often as you wish!)

·         (18:29) Secrets Of The Most Profitable Teleseminars Ever Created! (How to uncover the exact information your prospects want so they’ll willingly pay top dollar for your solution! It’s astonishing how much money you can make when you spoon-feed people the precise information they desperately want! 

·         (21:30) A Breakthrough, Non-Intrusive Method For Profiting From The 10 Highest-Ranking Web Sites On Google In ANY Niche! (Brilliant! 3 seconds of “work” virtually guarantees these site owners a nice check – something they can multiply tenfold by taking just one more step!)

·         (24:00) The Two Keys Parts Of An Offer That Are Guaranteed To Capture The Attention and Interest of Almost Every Single Potential JV Partner You Ever Approach! (Get it right and doors will open for you that were slammed shut before!)

·         (26:40) Why Competition Is Actually A Good Thing! (Forget looking for an opportunity no one else has ever thought of – that’s what most people do and that’s why they’re broke! Instead, find markets with lots of competitors and then make those competitors your partners!)

·         (30:25) 3 Must-Have Requirements Of An Excellent Niche Market! (Find all 3 and you’re well on your way to tapping that market and having it produce rivers of cash for you!)

Is It Really Possible For You To
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Collin Almeida

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Success Strategies, Intl., Inc

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