coaching 12

Week #12 – Final Q&A Call

  1. This is it. The final week of The Sales Stacker System.I hope you’ve enjoyed it.

    And more importantly, I hope you’ve IMPLEMENTED some of the techniques we’ve gone over.

    With that said let me give you a few pieces of parting advice.

    1. Please go back through each week and start back at week #1. You can skim the videos if you have to, but make sure you’ve been implementing AT LEAST 1-2 of the strategies I went over in each video.
    2. Make yourself a little list of “things to do”. This is very important. I know this course has more content than you’re probably used to expecting. That’s a good thing, because hopefully it’s gotten you to implement these strategies.
    3. If you love the strategies I’ve gone over but don’t want to or can’t implement them yourself, feel free to get in touch with me and we can work together to get them done.

    I’m available for both further consulting (to apply these and other strategies to your specific business), as well as copywriting work.

    Just go to the SERVICES page that you see in the navigation bar to get more information about services and how I can help grow your business.

     Question: What Kind Of High-End Services Do You Recommend?

    Answer: Please listen to this audio…


     Question: How Do I Build Strategic Alliances With The “A-Players” In My Field?

    Answer: Please listen to this audio…


     Question: I’m Having A Hard Time Getting Referrals For My Financial Advisory Service. Any Ideas?

    Answer: Please listen to this audio…


     Question: I’m Creating A New Business In A Competitive Niche (Bodybuilding)… Any Advice For Breaking Through And Gaining Traction Quick?

    Answer: Please listen to this audio…


     Question: I’m Dealing With A  Lot Of Low-Profitability… High Annoyance Types Of Clients For My Service And It’s Reducing The Time I Spend With Better Clients. Have Any Suggestions?

    Answer: Please listen to this audio…