coaching 7

Week #7 – Q&A 1

Welcome back to week #7!

When I originally planned on creating the Sales Stacker System, I was going to create one Q&A call to answer all the questions I’d gotten up until that point.

However, I thought it would be more valuable for you if I simply continued updating this page with segmented audios, instead of one giant 1-2 hour call.

Below you’ll find questions along with either audio, or text, answers.

Question: I’m Spending 3-4 Hours Per Month Filling In My Spreadsheets. Is It Really Worth It?

Answer: YES! Trust me. Keep doing it and one of these days, you’ll be working on it and get a sudden flash of insight. That flash is going to be worth a lot of money to you.

The reason keeping track of your metrics is so important is because it allows you to see the “health” of your business at a glance. If you start seeing your metrics sliding downwards, you know something needs to change. If they’re increasing but some of them are lagging, you know which areas you need to work on next.

Plus, going through the process each week (or month) unleashes your creative juices. Trust me on that, I’ve been doing it for a long time. You’ll be looking at your numbers and all of a sudden a light will go off. You’re going to thank me when that happens.

Question: Office Autopilot Costs $300 Per Month. Is It Worth The Money?

Answer: Once again, YES! Think of it this way. Office Autopilot allows you to segment, personalize and automate your marketing so it becomes more effective. If you do it right, you can at least double the effectiveness of your marketing if you actually use the system how it’s supposed to be used.

Personally when I’m thinking of investing in something new for my business, I look at the ROI (return on investment). If Office Autopilot costs you $300 per month, but your business is making $10,000 per month right now… you need a measly 3% increase in revenues to achieve a positive ROI.

Many times you can do that by adding a SINGLE segmented email. Or by adding a shopping cart abandonment series of 3-5 emails. Or any of the other dozens of ways to get that kind of return.

Plus, you’re saving mountains of time. For many people that’s the sole reason for using it.

If you want to learn more about Office Autopilot, go here.

You can also feel free to ask me any specific questions you have about it.

Question: Won’t Customers Rip Me Off If I Have A Better Guarantee?

Answer: Listen to the audio below.



Question: I Have A Wide Variety Of Customers… I Can’t Create An “Avatar”. Any Suggestions On How To Talk To Them More Individually?

Answer: Listen to the audio below.


Question: I Don’t Have Enough Excess Capital To Create Loss Leaders. Is There A Way To Get The Same Benefit Without Losing Money Upfront?

Answer: Yes, you can actually do this one of two ways.

Idea #1: The first way to do this is creating a new product with the purpose of making money off of it. Get it profitable, and start bringing in some revenue. However, SAVE that revenue. Then, start buying more and more traffic until you’re getting enough traffic so that you’re breaking even on the front-end.

Then, make sure you have a solid back-end to make sure you’re profiting over the long haul.

Idea #2: Create a quick CD, DVD or something like that, and give it away for free + shipping. Make your shipping price whatever the cost is for you to get that CD or DVD out the door. It would be something like $4.95, roughly. Then make sure you have a one-click upsell immediately after they purchase that CD.

You will want to send this out only to your house list, so there aren’t any marketing expenses.

If you do that, you can turn more prospects into buyers… make money on the front-end (through the initial upsell)… as well as incur very few upfront costs since you’re not spending money on traffic. You can also offer it to JV partners and give them 50% of the upsell revenue, just as another idea.

Question: I’m Just Starting And Don’t Know Which Traffic Source Will Be Best For Me. What Do I Do?

Answer: Listen to the audio below.


Question: I Don’t Have Any Proof Yet… Is There A Way To Build Trust And Confidence Without It?

Answer: Listen to the audio below.