FF Module 6

Module #6 – Upsells

Welcome to module #6!

Remember in the calculator training video you saw awhile back, where I plugged in some numbers showing an example sales funnel? Remember what happened once we developed an upsell sequence?

Profits skyrocketed.

That’s what week #6 will be about. Showing you various options you have to develop an upsell sequence to increase average order size and items per sale.

I’ll also discuss how to do this if you are selling in person. For example if you’re an offline business such as a chiropractor, dentist, accountant, etc.

It’s the exact same principle, except you’ll be doing it in person instead of in an automated fashion. Or you can use direct mail to accomplish the exact same goal. Or you can start building an online ordering platform instead of having people pay in person.

Lots of options. Get creative.


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