FF Module 4

Module #4– Landing Page

Welcome to Module #4!

Hope you’re starting to implement already. We’ve already made some great progress and this week, we’ll start to get into true implementation mode. The planning is done. Now it’s time to start DOING

In this video we’ll cover…

  • Copy Length – How to determine the correct length of copy for your landing page
  • Optin Fields – When and how to create your optin form for maximum conversions
  • Congruency – In this section I’ll show you the mistakes most people make when creating their lead magnet and landing page, and how to make sure each individual step of your funnel converts at the highest possible level
  • Clarity – How to create crystal-clear clarity on your landing pages and skyrocket conversions
  • Strategic Qualifiers – Why sometimes maximum conversions can HURT your overall profits, and why you might think about turning people away to increase overall revenue…
  • Adwords-Friendly Pages – Here I’ll show you everything I know about how to build Adwords-friendly pages, plus examples you can model off for your business!


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