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Week #5 – Increasing Your Margins

A lot of business owners focus only on “making more sales”. But the REAL power comes from focusing on take-home profits, not just inflating your gross revenues to inflate your ego.

That’s why in week #5, I’ll show you several unique strategies for increasing the money you actually take home… the money that goes into your personal bank account to give you the time and financial freedom you’re looking for.

In this week we’ll discuss…

  • How to discover the perfect price & value positioning for your product or service
  • 16 ways to increase the perceived value of your product or service (AND increase your price without affecting sales)
  • A shocking example of how increasing your prices positively affects your bottom line
  • 8 ways to decrease margin-eating costs with ZERO risk
  • The TRUTH about price (and why it’s not the main reason people buy your products or services)

Enjoy 🙂

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