Funnel FOrmula

The Automated Marketing System That Makes Customers 50% – 300% More Profitable While Increasing Your Trust & Authority...

During my career I’ve looked at hundreds of different businesses.

The #1 problem I’ve found?

A lack of a clearly defined, strategic sales funnel that consistently increases the value of each person that visits their business.

Customers are scattered. They don’t know about 1/2 the products you carry. They aren’t aware of services you offer that might help them. They aren’t upsold on higher-end packages that would benefit them more than a lower end package. You aren't following up with them properly to nurture the relationship.

Each one of these creates massive HOLES in your business that cause you to lose money, lose stability, and even lose your authority in the marketplace. Plus...

It doesn’t matter what business you’re in.

ANY type of service provider… ANY type of software provider… ANY type of information marketer… needs a clearly defined, automated marketing funnel for both getting new customers/clients and moving them higher up the profit ladder.

They allow you to…

Increase your conversions on the front-end so you get more customers through the door…

Skyrocket KPI’s (key performance indicators) so you can outspend your competitors…

Bring existing customers back into your business for higher-end, repeat sales…

Engage customers to cross-sell and upsell other products, for higher back-end sales…

Add stability and reliability for more consistent, positive cash flow…

Automate your marketing so you get consistent, reliable, BETTER results on autopilot…

Leverage trust to encourage referrals, social media sharing and other forms of referral-based marketing…

Add more value to your customers throughout your entire sales process…

Give you more time freedom so you can spend your time doing things you love…

And so much more!

Here's A Quick Example...

Tell me…
You Have The Same Expenses Regardless Of The Results It Brings In… So Why Be Content With Your Current Results?

Here’s a harsh truth to swallow.

Right now you’re spending a certain amount of money on advertising… employees… office space… cost of goods sold… and every other expense it takes to run your business.

Unfortunately, those expenses stay the same, REGARDLESS of how successful your marketing is.

  • It doesn’t matter if your conversion rate is 2%… or 10%….
  • It doesn’t matter if your average transaction value is $100… or $300…
  • It doesn’t matter if your average customer purchases from you 1 time per year… or 4 times per year….
  • It doesn’t matter if the marginal net worth of a client is $1,000… or $10,000…

… regardless of the results your current marketing campaign brings in, you’re still spending the same amount of money on your customer-generation methods!

Adwords doesn’t care if you have a marketing funnel in place that brings in 2… 3… 5… 10x the average profits of your competitors. The only place that knows the difference is your bank account.

You can spend $1 per visitor and make $1 in return (break even)… or you can spend $1 per visitor and make $3 in return, like the example above.

So What Happens When You Implement These Strategies Into Your Business?

Hi, my name is Jeremy Reeves.

Through my various products and services, I help business owners increase profits, gain more time freedom and get more consistent cash flow (among dozens of other benefits) by building sales funnels.

I've been asked to speak at private, "invite-only" marketing events for industry leaders...

I've written for the top blogs in the marketing industry such as Visual Website Optimizer, KISSMetrics, CrazyEgg, Social Triggers and countless others...

And I've worked with the worlds leading entrepreneurs, adding literally tens of millions to their bottom lines.

Here is a quick, partial list of the amazing clients I’ve recently worked with.

  • Robert G. Allen – Author of one of the best-selling business books in history, “No Money Down”
  • Mark Victor Hansen – Co-author of the Chicken Soup For The Soul series
  • Brad Fallon – Internet marketer & founder of several multimillion dollar online businesses
  • The Natural Health Sherpa – Leading alternative newsletter publisherJeremy Reeves clients
  • Loral Langamaier (“The Millionaire Maker”)
  • Tim Sales – Millionaire network marketer
  • Than Merrill – TV show host
  • Dave Seymour – Real estate investor turned TV show host of “Flipping Boston”
  • Tom Venuto – Fitness legend
  • David Lindahl – Real estate mogul
  • Biscayne Labs – A leading alternative health direct mailer
  • The guys who used to manage the well-known band “Guns n Roses”
  • Jesse Cannone – Back pain expert
  • Mike Lovitch – Brilliant internet market
  • Several Inc. 500 companies……
  • Mike Litman – Co-creator of 4 different multi-million dollar companiesjtfoxx
  • JT Foxx – Internationally known as the worlds #1 wealth coach… owner of 40+ different companies including several which are multi-million dollar businesses themselves
  • Kim Flynn – Business coach for women
  • Bel Marra Nutritionals – A leading alternative health direct mailer and online publishercrazyegg
  • CrazyEgg – The industry leader of online eye-tracking and heatmapping technology
  • clicktaleClicktale – #1 Internet leader of website usability and web analytics, Clicktale
  • A wide array of brick & mortar businesses such as accountants, dentists, dry cleaners, electricians, realtors, martial arts studios, personal trainers and more…
  • … and MANY more 6-7-8 figure online and offline business owners!

These clients trust me to help them create sales funnels that WORK. Period.

Here are the types of results I’ve gotten for some of my clients, who I work with to implement these strategies…

  • Jesse Cannone – Created a marketing campaign for him and sold his $77 product with a 5.92% conversion rate. And then went on to implement several other marketing strategies, boosting his profits for those products by 40% and 60%.
  • Pat Rigsby – Who I created an email marketing campaign for and increased the results he was getting from his email marketing campaign by 270%.
  • Nav Thakur – Who I created a 3-step offline campaign for and got him so much business from the FIRST mailing that he had to cancel the 2nd and 3rd mailings because he couldn’t even handle the first round of business he got. By the way, that’s a VERY good problem to have.
  • Grant Carson – I rewrote a magazine ad getting leads for his dry cleaning business and DOUBLED his leads with my first attempt
  • Dave Seymour – I helped create a marketing campaign for his course showing people how to move past fear in their lives… and was an instrumental part of helping him sell over $300,000 in the first 6 months alone. From scratch.
  • Aaron Samsonoff – He came to me to build him a business from scratch. He didn’t know a soul in the industry. Nor did he have a single person on a list. After creating a funnel for him including several behavioral emails, and sequences for both prospects and buyers, within two months he was on track to hit multi-6 figures… in the first year alone.
  • Jonathan Clare – Over the course of a few months I constructed a sales funnel for Jonathan which earned him an astonishing $4.32 EPC… on a front-end product selling for $27!
  • Rusty Luhring – I added one piece into his existing sales funnel which created a cash windfall of $27 PER CLICK for Rusty… with almost zero extra work!

(Disclaimer: Results vary for each person who implements these strategies.Go here for a full results disclosure.)

Here are a couple more, just for giggles…

  • One landing page I created has a 75.73% conversion rate
  • A sales letter I wrote converted at 8.3%… with an upsell of roughly 30% on a $197 product
  • Another landing page I wrote converted at 60% … for a money-making product!
  • A weight loss salesletter I wrote in 3 hours converted at 5%…
  • One client hired me to re-do his salesletter… and I doubled his conversions within 3 days…
  • One funnel I created for a client ended up giving him a whopping$10.25 earnings-per-visitor…
  • An upsell I created sold 38% of people on an additional product for one client, increasing overall profits 20%+ in mere days…
  • A long-term client of mine got 10x the investment he made in my copy back within a week!
  • Another client was ecstatic to see that ONE single change I made to his funnel cut his cost per lead in half!

(Disclaimer: Results vary for each person who implements these strategies.Go here for a full results disclosure.)

This still doesn’t even scratch the surface.

There are DOZENS more examples like this I can show you.

These clients each paid me thousands upon thousands of dollars to implement new strategies into their funnels that increased their value per visitor in a way that was so dramatic, they had to figure out what to do with the excess money that was created.

(But, of course, results vary)

But you don't have to shell out 4-5 figures to get these results. Instead...

Get These Results With A Tiny Fraction Of The Investment...

What I just shared with you in the last few minutes is just a small sampling of what I teach my private clients. These clients pay me as much as $20,000+ for full marketing campaigns… to get the results I’ve already talked about.

(And they come back to me over and over again… gladly!)

But you don’t have to.

You see, I have a pretty warm heart. I love helping people.

But, I also want to maximize my own income, and therefore can’t work cheap.

I turn down hundreds of people every year simply because they don’t have the funds to work with me one-on-one.

And it kills me!

That's Why I Created My Flagship Course... The Funnel Formula

The Funnel Formula consists of 8 separate modules, taking you step-by-step through creating (and/or optimizing) your sales and marketing funnel. It includes specific examples, case studies and action-plans that take you from beginning to end.

If you already have a funnel setup, you’ll discover DOZENS of leverage points you’ve never considered before. I’ll reveal little insiders secrets I’ve discovered for producing massive returns in each specific area of your business.

If you don’t have a funnel setup yet, you’ll save countless hours, hundreds of thousands of dollars and millions in recaptured opportunities. Each module literally takes you from A-Z through the strategy, planning, and implementation of each piece of your funnel that you should have in place for maximum impact and profit.

Specifically, it was created to help you in five main areas…

#1: Increase Your Cash Flow

Right now, your business is bleeding profits. REGARDLESS of how profitable you are right now. There are literally dozens of buried leverage points within your business, waiting to be uncovered and utilized. As you progress through each of the 8 modules you’ll uncover dozens of unique strategies for radically boosting your cash flow in both the short-term and the long-term.

#2: Add Stability To Your Business

Introducing new profit-pillars and revenue streams into your business makes it so stable that if one area of your business loses its revenue through a loss of a traffic source, shift in the marketplace or any other circumstance… you’ll find it to be a minor inconvenience, instead of a catastrophe. This course is designed to give you multiple pillars of stability for more peace of mind and confidence in growing your business long-term.

(Plus, a much higher selling price if you decide to sell the company…)

#3: Make Your Customers Fall In Love With You

Many people who build sales and marketing funnels do so, but piss off their customers and clients in the process by being overly aggressive.
My approach is unique in that it actually BUILDS value and relationship instead of destroying it. By the time customers go through your funnel they’ll know exactly how much you genuinely care about them and have their best interests at heart… and reward you by purchasing more of your product or service!

#4: Become The #1 Trusted Authority

One of THE biggest benefits of developing a sales funnel the right way is the trust, authority and dominance it builds into your business. This allows you to command higher fees, get more respect, do joint ventures and strategic alliances easier, negotiate better deals, and increase customer loyalty and customer lifetime value (among dozens of others).
Best of all… it makes you bulletproof to competitors!

#5: Create The Lifestyle You DESERVE!

Adding automated marketing funnels increases your profits, but more importantly gives you more time freedom so you can spend your time with your family, doing your favorite hobbies, or simply not feeling so stressed out from working so much.
What does your “perfect lifestyle” look like? Are you there yet? Have you achieved your personal and financial goals?
By generating consistent cash flow and adding strategic marketing to your business, you’ll find what you need to both fund your dream lifestyle and give you the automation you want and need to work less hours and have more time freedom!

Here's Exactly What's Included Inside The Funnel Formula...

Module #1: Pick Your Platform

In this first module we’ll discuss which platform you’ll host your sales funnel on. Otherwise if you haven’t created your funnel, you’ll discover…

  • The difference between using a content management system versus html, and which style is better for what type of person…
  • Why DESIGN is more important than ever and the conversion-boosting secrets I’ve discovered about your site layout…
  • What options you have for your shopping cart, CRM and email software, and which to choose depending on YOUR specific goals and preferences…

If you already have an existing sales funnel in place, you can simply skip this module. However even those with existing funnels in place will learn a few new tricks.

Module #2: Choose Your Lead Magnet

Choosing your lead magnet is a crucial step in this process. This is where you’ll generate a list of ready-to-buy prospects who’ve raised their hand and told you they’re interested in your product or service.

Inside module #2 I’ll reveal….

  • How To Choose Your Lead Magnet – I’ll walk you through the 8 main lead magnets you can create and give away for free in exchange for someone’s contact information, plus how to choose the one that’s best for YOUR situation…
  • Strategizing The Future Sale – If you want to maximize profits, you must create congruency throughout your entire funnel. I’ll show you how to do this to create irresistible positioning which increases your conversions in every future step throughout your funnel…
  • The Value Conundrum – Most people create lead magnets in ways that do NOTHING to advance the sale down the road. I’ll give you my insiders strategies to constructing your lead magnet in a way that makes people salivate over doing business with you!
  • The Driving Purpose – I’ll help you pull out the #1 reason you’re bringing people to your funnel in the first place. Is it to sell a service… a high-ticket product… or just your basic version of software? Understanding the dominate driving purpose is crucial to know before you setup the rest of your funnel. I’ll show you how.

Module #3: Map Out Your Autoresponders

This DOOZY of a module is worth the price of the course itself. In it I’ll reveal…

  • Why a simple mindset shift will help you double the effectiveness of your emails…
  • How to “find your voice” and craft emails that your prospects can’t help but get sucked into… (this works even BETTER if you aren’t a professional writer!)
  • The answer to the often debated question – “how often should you send emails?”
  • How to develop an endless stream of content to write about…
  • The #1 most crucial autoresponder sequence almost NOBODY has, and how to properly set it up for maximum profits and customer loyalty.
  • How to reduce refunds, increase average order size and boost retention all within a single email…
  • … and so, so much more!

Module #4: Strategize Your Landing Page

Once you have your autoresponders mapped out, you’ll need to begin strategizing the landing page needed to give away your free lead magnet. This is the very top of your funnel and has a direct impact on the profitability of the rest of your campaign.

That’s why we’ll discuss…

  • A simple process for determining the correct length, and layout, of your landing page in mere seconds…
  • How to determine what your optin box needs to look like including how many fields and what information is included…
  • How to create congruency between your offers to multiply your conversions throughout the entire sales funnel process…
  • Why getting LESS optins can many times lead to greater profits…
  • A simple “fix” to the #1 mistake I see on landing pages…
  • … and so much more!

Module #5: Craft Your Sales Page

As a direct response copywriter, I’ve written more sales letters than there are blades of grass in a field. Many of them have produced SEVERAL million for my clients. Inside this module I’ll show you how I construct them for maximum conversions. I’ll reveal…

  • Video or text? This age-old debate delays profit and hurts response. I’ll show you how to choose which media is best for you in 5 minutes or less…
  • Exactly how to determine how long your copy needs to be to sell your product or service…
  • A sample outline you can model by filling in the blanks and create your sales page in 1 day or less!
  • How to combine the conversion-boosting power of long form sales copy with design that makes it appear professional and classy! (This one is a doozy!)
  • How to know where to price your product. (Hint: If you are comparing to competitors, you are doing this WRONG)
  • How to create an irresistible offer that boosts sales, decreases refunds, and skyrockets customer loyalty.
  • How to setup an automated system that finds shopping cart abandoners and sucks them back in to buy your product…
  • The #1 mistake most people make when developing a sales page that forces people NOT to buy your product (and how to reverse the process and make them buy!)

Module #6: Develop Your Upsell Sequence

Somehow, buyers are the most neglected piece of a sales funnel… yet worth as much as 7-10x what an average prospect is worth. I’ll show you how to treat your customers like GOLD and extract as much profit as you can while enriching their lives and making them gleefully happy to do business with you.

Inside we’ll discuss…

  • How to craft the perfect upsell sequence including which offers to make, how to make them and which are best for YOUR specific business…
  • How to find the right balance between making offers without pissing off your customers… do it THIS way and you’ll get thank-you letters from clients for offering them more of your products and services!
  • 5 different “time of sale bumps” you can add as customers place initial orders to bump net profits with just a few minutes of extra work…
  • How to price for maximum ROI… I have never, and will never, reveal this secret to the public… only customers and clients. You’ll be shocked at its simple yet amazing ability to skyrocket profits!
  • The #1 secret both product AND service businesses are missing, and how filling in this canyon-sized crater can double your business the moment you implement it.

Module #7: Create Your Buyers Strategy

Once you have buyers, you’ll need to fully maximize the profit potential they hold. You’ll need to do this very strategically to maximize profits while adding real, unbeatable value and turning them into loyal, raving fans at the same time.

This goes FAR beyond the typical upsell sequence and can be THE factor that separates yourself from your competitors. Inside this module I’ll reveal…

  • An advanced email campaign almost nobody uses which simultaneously reduces refunds, reduces buyers remorse, adds more value, increases your back-end sales, and creates fans that will love you forever!
  • A simple 2-step strategy you can implement in a week or less that can increase your back-end profits by 2-10x. (plus the 3 options you have to do it)
  • An automated, unique messaging system that gets inside the minds of your new buyers and turn them into raving fans in the first 24 hours of becoming a new customer!
  • The #1 reason most people CRUSH their chances of maximizing customer lifetime value and how to make sure you don’t make this same mistake…
  • The psychological “levels” system that implants a mental desire to spend more and more money with you into each of your customers!
  • 4 unusual, rarely used high-end services ANY business, product or service related, can implement within days or weeks to add a new profit center.
  • The little-known newsletter secret that makes you virtually impregnable to competitors… new or old!

Module #8: Implement Advanced Strategies

In this final, behemoth of a module I’ll walk you through some of the more advanced strategies I use with clients that can take you from wherever you are, to the dominate industry leader faster than you can imagine.

Just some of these strategies include…

  • How to create “segmented” funnels to boost the results you’re getting from specific areas of your existing prospect and buyers funnels.
  • How to setup your autoresponders so you can send prospects and buyers both automated as well as broadcast emails.
  • The secrets for boosting front-end sales by adding this one sequence which targets people who want your product or service but have hesitations… plus the 2 ways you can set it up!
  • A simple, AUTOMATED email template you can use to reactivate old prospects and get them re-interested in you again…
  • 7 unusual ways to peek into the minds of your prospects and give them exactly what they’re looking for, at exactly the right time, to massively increase front-end sales.
  • 4 weird ways to use exit popups… WITHOUT annoying your visitors. (In fact, they’ll love you for it!)
  • The little-known secrets of webinars and teleseminars and how to add them to your funnel to crush your competitors, add value to prospects and dramatically boost profits.

I will also be adding future, complimentary training videos, special reports and audios based on YOUR feedback to give you even further insights into the strategies you’re looking to implement.

So the question now becomes...

Will This Work For YOUR Business Specifically?

Here's the answer.

I've created this course in a way that gives you relevant, actionable examples from 4 different types of industries. If you fall into one of the following categories, this absolutely, 100% will work wonders for your business.

Physical Product Marketers

My systems have helped sell everything from from health supplements… to beauty products… to products helping young children learn better – and everything in between!

Service Providers

If you provide any type of service – this can DEFINITELY help you. From financial professionals, to anybody in real estate, personal trainers, dentists or really anything similar. It also includes people in the B2B space or anybody who does any type of coaching, consulting or has live events.

Software Companies

Software companies notoriously do not market well. That’s great for you. If you sell software you’ll have a distinct competitive advantage that can help propel your software to the top of its field, fast.

Information Marketers

Information marketing should be included in EVERY business. It’s a vital part of building trust and authority. If you sell information products, it can definitely help you!

I’ve taken great pains to make sure this course appeals to ALL type of businesses. I’ve worked with over 40 different industries in all 4 of these categories and have created sales funnels that product results most business owners could never imagine.

Plus You'll Get Several Bonuses Making It Relevant To YOUR Specific Business!

Bonus #1: A Peek Into My Mind… The Strategy That Goes Into Building My Own Sales Funnels

This unusual bonus gives you direct access into my own thinking.

You’ll get an “over the shoulders” view of exactly what I did to create my own sales funnel for THIS product.

You’ll see how I strategized the free lead magnet… and the offer… and the upsell sequence. You’ll discover what my exact funnel looks like, in detail, and I’ll show you how you can tweak my strategy to put to use in YOUR own business.

This bonus ALONE is worth well more than what I’m asking for the entire course.

This is highly classified information I normally don’t reveal even to my own friends… because I’m the person in my industry most people copy off so they can try to compete with me.

This time I’m revealing it all so you can see exactly how and why I built my sales funnel like I did.

And it’s yours free.

Bonus #2: FOUR Videos Showing You How To Build The Perfect Sales Funnel… For YOUR Specific Business

This is unique in the fact that this bonus is actually 4 separate bonuses.

You see, I’ve come up with 4 major categories, which we just discussed. They are…

1) Physical Product Marketers

2) Anybody Selling A "Service"

3) Software Companies

4) Information Marketers

Your business falls into one of these categories. What I’ve done is created a separate video and mindmap for each of these categories so you can choose your business and watch how I would work with a private client to build a funnel for them in your category.

That way you can take my mindmap, tweak it slightly to show your own unique products or services, and start building it. This is something I regularly charge clients $997 for… yet I’m giving it to you absolutely free.

Get Everything Just Mentioned For As Little As $177...

The Funnel Formula is a serious, monster of a course designed to give you exponential leaps in your income, time freedom, stability and positioning power in your marketplace. It quite literally is comprised of tens of millions of dollars worth of market research from working with some of the most brilliant marketing minds in the world. The real value of this course is in the millions of dollars. However, I’m obviously not going to ask for anywhere near that.

Instead, you’ll be investing just $497 or 3 payments of $177.

I was originally going to charge $1,995 for this course. Realistically it’s worth 50x that price. However due to the way my own business model works, I decided to keep the price at a bare minimum so anybody serious about increasing their revenues 30%… 50%… 100% or more over the next 6-12 months could get access easily.

I'll Even Let You Test-Drive The Funnel Formula For A Full YEAR Before Making A Decision!

Look, I have no interest in accepting your money if you aren’t going to benefit from it.

These strategies DO work. The only way they wouldn’t work, is if YOU didn’t put in the effort to actually implement them.

That’s why I’m willing to make you a pretty bold guarantee…

You Love It... Or It's FREE!

I’m willing to let you test-drive The Funnel Formula for a full YEAR before deciding if it’s right for you. Go through the entire course. Use the techniques. Apply them in your business.

If you aren’t absolutely DELIGHTED with the results you get, all you have to do is shoot me a quick email (there’s a contact form in the members area) and I’ll happily refund your investment within 24-48 hours. Period! You have zero risk.

Risk-Free Acceptance Form

Get access to the Funnel Formula today and achieve strategic breakthroughs to help you catapult your revenue, add more cash flow stability, bulletproof yourself from competition and become the dominate industry leader.

When you invest in this comprehensive training program today you’ll receive…

#1) The Funnel Formula – You’ll get access to the entire 8 module course, taking you step-by-step to building or optimizing a sales funnel that skyrockets your revenue, increases cash flow stability and adds MORE value to your customers!

#2) Bonus #1: How I Built My Own Sales Funnel – This behind-the-scenes video goes deep into the psychology of how I built my own funnel. I never, ever, release information about my own business and this is THE only place you’ll ever find it. Period.

#3) FOUR Industry Specific Sales Funnel Videos – These videos are separated into the type of industry you’re in, so you can watch yours and get an example specific to your own business. These videos alone are worth many times the cost of this course in itself.

#4) All Future Updates – I’ll be constantly creating new training videos specific to customers of The Funnel Formula, based on YOUR feedback.

#5) WEBINAR BONUS: FREE COPY TEMPLATES - This webinar-attendee-only bonus is available until the timer on this page runs out. Once it does, this page will redirect and the offer will no longer be available.

One-Time Payment Of $497
Or 3 Payments Of $177

Frequently Asked Questions...

Do I Need To Finish It In 8 Weeks?

No, you can go at your own pace. I’ve split it up into 8 separate modules so you can go through them one-by-one. You can watch a module, take notes, implement the strategies and THEN move onto the next module.

Is This Another Fluffy, "Filler" Kind Of Course?

Absolutely not! If you’ve ever purchased a product of mine, you know they’re dense with actionable insights you can plug into your own business. You’ll find ZERO fluff or filler in this.

Do You Answer Customer Questions?

Of course! Obviously I you need to be reasonable, but if you have a question or two while going through the course I’m glad to answer them for you. If you need more assistance, I have a coaching program available where I work with you personally, one-on-one.

Is It Just Videos?

No, with each module you’ll get the main video, plus the audio version of that video along with the transcript. That way you can go through it in the modality that you most enjoy.

Is This Information "Timeless"?

Absolutely! A sales funnel is simply the act of taking someone from a cold prospect, to a paying customer/client. The strategies are ALWAYS the same. If technology changes, I’ll simply update the course and let you know.

Why Is It Worth $497?

I like to think of it in terms of ROI. For example let’s saying you’re making $100k gross right now. In order for this course to pay for itself, you only need a 0.5% increase in profits. That’s insanely easy! Many people can double… triple… even quadruple profits after implementing a proper sales funnel. (Obviously, results vary)